Welcome to Restless Dreams!


April 20th, 2013 at 14:01 pm

by Robert Lambert

The shutters have been lifted and the doors unlocked. Restless Dreams is now open for business, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

In The Beginning...

Most of you might not know this, but Restless Dreams, originally never started as Restless Dreams. Back in 2012 I created a splinter site of the Silent Hill Wiki known as the Silent Hill Theories Wiki which garnered some interest from the Silent Hill community. As a result of this, the theories wiki took to both Facebook and Twitter in order to try and cater, and reach out, to a wider audience. But overtime I began to share images and musings about Silent Hill which were unrelated to the theories wiki, and because of this, the focus shifted and thus was born Restless Dreams.


A quick name change across our social media platforms, a new logo, and a new aim, Restless Dreams set out to do what it did well, entertain our fans. Overtime Restless Dreams moved into the world of Google+ and also took to the stage in Youtube, which now hosts our Let’s Play Silent Hill 2, The Silent Hill Fanrage and our brand new Podcast; however, because Restless Dreams was spread across so many places, the decision was made to create a central hub, and that hub is our website.

Why A Website?

The intentions of the website are to deliver exactly what we deliver on our other platforms, but with it all being in one place. For instance every single one of the Silent Hill images shot within game, that are stored on our Facebook, are here (and are much easier to navigate than Facebook), links to our various Youtube playlists are here, Fanart we have shared, and not shared, in the past are here. Not only this, but elements which not many people have seen such as “Ito’s Tweets”, which first found its home on the Silent Hill Theories Wiki, is here, and much much more.

The Future...


The next three steps for Restless Dreams is to expand our content, merge with the Silent Hill Theories Wiki, and make our site much more accessible for mobile devices. All three of these features will be implemented on the site across the coming months, with of course updates to our existing content.

Thanks for visiting Restless Dreams! And don’t forget to like/follow/subscribe to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. This can be done by clicking the links to the side!

Bon Voyage

~ Rob (Founder of Restless Dreams)