Cross Series

Closer and Mandarin

Question: Is there a reason the Mandarin and Closer have a similar arm structure?

"The most biggest reason is I wanted to connect SH2 with SH3. The Mandarin is just the one of more ignored enemys in SH2, so I made the most of that exist in SH3. And I wanted to express the Silent Hill's power was not only depend on "a person", that is, James or Heather can ask Silent Hill's help to make them creatures, involuntarily."

Tweet - 3rd July 2012


Question: Hi. I'd like to ask you something about first Silent Hill. Do you remember the name of the city that inspired you for building SH?

"There is not a such place. But we had materials for making each building, school, light house, and so on."

Tweet - 26th February 2012 (Archived)

Monster Inspiration

According to Ito, the mouths featured on the majority of monsters featured in Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 were inspired by a particular piece by artist Francis Bacon — here.

"The "mouth" of creatures in SILENTHILL 2 and 3 was inspired by this Francis bacon's picture. (the center of those) > "

Tweet - 11th March 2013

Saints and Sinners

Question: Is Silent Hill the place where people pay for their sins?

"I don't think so, because Laura has come to there, too."

Question: But it was a pleasant place for her because she was an innocent, she had no sins.

"Yes,she was innocent. She had no sins. So I said, "I don't think so"."

"And, Harry and Heather, they are innocent, too. So Silent Hill is "not always" the place where people pay for their sins."

Tweet - 16th - 18th June 2013

Silent Hill Denizens

Question: Alot of people are wondering where all the people are in Silent Hill. Is the town mostly abandon? What about the beginning of SH3?

"The beginning of SH3 is not silenthill town. So, many people are in there."

Tweet - 6th April 2012 (Archived)

"And, I consider that it should not be cleared whether the people are in there, SH town, or not."

Tweet - 6th April 2012 (Archived)

Ventilation Room

Apparently according to Ito, the ventilation room which is present in the Otherworld version of Midwich Elementary School is linked to the ventilation passage, located just before the entrance to the Chapel in Silent Hill 3.

"The big ventilator room of another midwich elementary school links the passage's ventilator in front of the last chapel in #SilentHill 3."

Tweet - 2nd August 2011 (Archived)

The "Otherworld"

Question: I’m not sure if someone has asked you about this before, and if they have, I apologize for bringing this up again.

But In the ‘Making Of’ video for SH3, when you explain the meaning behind Valtiel… the subtitles say ‘In Silent Hill 3, you go back and fourth between the real world and a parallel world. Valves that the monster opens and closes represents the passage of these two worlds.’

This a little unclear for most people, are you actually saying “parallel world” in Japanese? Did you mean ‘Otherworld?’ Can you please explain in better detail behind these words? Thank you.

"Maybe it's the "Otherworld", the world not real world. (But I call that "Anotherworld".)"

Tweet - 28th March 2012 (Archived)

Question: So you meant it more like the real world changing and twisting into another world, rather than going to a separate ‘parallel world’?

"I think "parallel world" means the "if-world", Silenthill's "anotherworld isn't "if-world"."

"And my insight is that Silenthill's "real world" and "anotherworld" exist at same dimension."

Tweet - 30th March 2012 (Archived)