Silent Hill 1


Question: There's a note in sh1 that says the fire that burns alessa was caused by a boiler, but it also says the fire is very suspicious.

"Umm.. I remember, in SH1, that didn't say clearly it was caused by a boiler...? ...forget."

Tweet - 1st April 2012 (Archived)

Cybil's Death

Question: Does Silent Hill 3 follow GOOD or GOOD+? I assume Cybil is dead?

"Yes. I remember Cybil is dead."

Tweet - 5th February 2012 (Archived)


Ito explains that when he designed the Incubus he never considered any specific iconography as he designed it based on the image of Baphomet because it was really popular in Japan at the time.

"And, Baphomet icon is really so famous here, so, when I dipicted the "Incubus", I didn't consider any specific iconographic."

Tweet - 9th November 2011 (Archived)

Lisa's Death

Question: the drugs that killed Lisa...?

"Yes, i remember that was caused by drugs, maybe."

Tweet - 30th March 2012 (Archived)

Lisa's Ghost

Question: Is Lisa in the 1st game a ghost or like a puppet nurse monster?

"Very close to a ghost,I think."

Question: Thanks. People were confused because in the novel you drew her with a parasite and mistake her for the same Lisa as in the game.

"At least, in the Cage of Cradle, Owaku and I don't say what is she clearly, but we don't draw her like a puppet nurse."

Tweet - 7th - 9th September 2013

School Painting

Question: I love this painting - here . Did you ever have a title in mind for it? I don't believe we ever got one in the game.

"No, I didn't. I just thought it was a hint as to the its room in another world."

Question: Ah, I understand. Would you be able to think of one now or prefer to just let that painting remain as an untitled piece?

"Yes. > let that painting remain as... And I think, if it has a title, so who did name it ? Also it spoils its "world"."

Question: That is an excellent point. Who created the painting? A cult member no doubt. Thank you again for your insight Ito-san.

"I think nobody painted this painting. It's kind of like thoughtography."

"This. > here It's called "Nensha" in japan."

Question: Ah, fascinating! I understand fully now, it is like RINGU and the videotape. Alessa created that image as a painting using "nensha"?

"Ah...I don't know how to say it in English, It's, if anything, an influence of the town "Silenthill". Not "created"."

Tweet - 24th - 27th November 2013

Snow or Ash?

Question: what exactly falls from the sky in silent hill 1?

"It's "snow",if I remember correctly. Not ash."

Tweet - 6th October 2013