Silent Hill 2

Abstract Daddy Symbolism

Ito explains that the Abstract Daddy is symbolic of her father, or brother, hanging over her on a bed.

""Abstract Daddy" means Angela's father (or brother) who is hanging over her body on a "bed".…"

Tweet - 16th February 2013

Angela's Fate

Question: Thanks. One more question did Angela die in Silent Hill 2 because it is not mentioned. BTW sorry if I am annoying you with questions.

"Yes, she died."

Tweet - 28th April 2012 (Archived)

Question: I'm interested into what Angela's cause of death was? Suicide?

"I will leave it up to your imagination"

Tweet - 4th May 2013

Question: Did she burn? Angela Orosco, Mr. Ito.

"I don't know. But she don't burn in the Silent Hill 2."

Tweet - 30th October 2013

Bar Neely's Message

Question: In silent hill 2 what does it mean "there was a hole here, its gone now"?

"But James comes across the holes at prison, right?"

Question: yes i thought of that first. But the holes are on the ground not on the wall.

""Here" means "in this room", I think."

Tweet - 15th October 2012

Brookhaven Environment

Question: In SH2, when James enters Other Brookhaven, do the sheets covering walls/objects represent Mary's bed and her sickness?

"Yes, it's one of those meanings."

Tweet - 2nd April 2012 (Archived)

Bubble Head Nurse Inspiration/Design

Ito explains he drew inspiration for the design of the nurses attire from The Exorcist III, Jacob's Ladder, and bondage-inspired clothing. Also originally their heads were supposed to act like a water balloon, bursting when shot

"About "Silent hill 2" Bubble Head Nurse, my originally planned for its head is a semiliquid thing covered with a thin skin like a condom, and it bursts like a water balloon, when it's shotten. For the design of its uniform, I had these materials, pictures of the nurse in "The Exorcist III", "Jacob's Ladder" and bondage-inspired fashion's one, and she wears stockings. Also, I was thinking a packed blood cells-stand as her weapon, but changed it into a rusted steel pipe. This is homage to the Silent Hill 1."

Tweet - 23rd February 2013

Bubble Head Nurse Symbolism

Question: O.o what is this in English (SH2のバブルヘッドナースは、頭をコンドームで包まれて窒息死。)

"This tweet is "the Bubble Head Nurse in SH2 is suffocated by covering her head with a vinyl like condom" in English."

Tweet - 28th April 2013

Question: Also would it be safe to assume from your tweet, that the nurse is representative of the event when James suffocated Mary?

"Ah...yes, it's representative of suffocated invalid Mary's swallen head. The nurse in SH2, she shakes her head like struggling to shake off the covered vinyl. But I don't mind that player will notice this point or not. Because it's very difficult to notice."

Tweet - 29th April 2013

Eddie's Delusion

Question: did eddie kill that person in the refrigerator? or did he just open the refrigerator and a body fell out?

"Eddie hasnt killed anybody."

Tweet - 2nd May 2012 (Archived)

The video mentioned in the below tweet is now private, but a similar video can be found here.

"This part is that he is just making a bluff. > (around 1:02) Eddie has never killed anybody (but if I remember, he has killed a dog with a gun, and shoot a leg of football guy in his past). And @JeremyBlaustein, he took a charge of translater (Japanese-English) of SH2."

Tweet - 3rd May 2012

Question: The bodies all around him in this scene: (See above)

"Ah, they should only be objects on Eddie's (and James's) delusion."

Tweet - 4th May 2012 (Archived)

Eddie Vomiting

Question: So what was the real reason why Eddie was vomiting in the bathroom when James first met him?

"It's a secret."

Tweet - 6th May 2012 (Archived)

Flesh Lip Symbolism

Ito explains that the cage surrounding the Flesh Lip is representative of a sickbed, and that the lips symbolise the cruel words Mary would say to James Sunderland when she was ill.

"The cage of Mary & Flesh Lip is reflection of sickbed. Flesh Lip is the one of James' images of so awful Mary."

Tweet - 13th December 2011 (Archived)

"The Lips in silenthill 2 are reflections of Mary's mouth which abused james."

Tweet - 13th December 2011 (Archived)

"In Water" Ending and Pyramid Head

Ito mentions that Pyramid Head was designed with the "In Water" ending in mind.

"My 1st ending was "Leave", but I knew the how to reach that. But I made the Pyramid head for James in "In water ending"."

Tweet - 5th August 2011 (Archived)

James' and Mary's Vacation

Ito believes that James' and Mary's vacation was after the events of Silent Hill 1, although he isn't 100% sure.

"About "James and Mary's Vacation", I wanna correct my mistake. Their visit is "After" the events of SH1."

Tweet - 2nd May 2013

" I think we didn't declare such a thing and it's possible to guess their visit is "before", but, still, I feel something is wrong."

Tweet - 2nd May 2013