Silent Hill 2

"Leave" Ending

Question: In the Leave Ending of SH2, James Adopt Laura?

"I'll leave it up to your imagination."

Tweet - 19th May 2012 (Archived)

Mannequin Influence

Question: Was just wondering if Hans Bellmer's iconic life-sized dolls had any influence on the Mannequin design?

"Some asked me the same question in those days. But I was inspired by some Japanese traditional monsters."

Tweet - 14th November 2012

Mary's Stay at Brookhaven

Question: did Mary ever stay at Brookhaven?


Tweet - 7th May 2012 (Archived)

Mary's Body

Ito believes that Mary body is in the back seat of James' car.

"The Mary's body is on the back seat of Jame's car, not in the trunk, if I remember correctly."

Tweet - 30th April 2012 (Archived)

Pyramid Head

Ito believes that the use of Pyramid Head in other titles has cheapened his existence as he was only ever intended to be part of James's delusion, a representative of his own guilt.

"I designed PH for James' story, so i made new boss "Valtiel" in SH3. To use PH in many titles makes PH cheaper."

Tweet - 5th January 2012 (Archived)

"The pyramid head, he is another James and he makes James realized his guilt. So he attacks other creatures on James's delusion."

Tweet - 2nd August 2011 (Archived)

Pyramid Head Design

Question: Can I ask, is there actually any BLOOD on the models of PH and the Nurses in SH2? Or is it just dirt, grime and rust stains on them?

"It's small bloodstains, dirts of pus, ruststains, and grimes, etc."

Tweet - 4th May 2013

The design of Pyramid Head had some influence from some of Ito's earlier works — here.

"This is the one of materials when I designed the Pyramid Head in SH2. _ Pyramid Figures | adsk4 #pixiv…"

Tweet - 2nd June 2013

Pyramid Head's Helmet

Question: Hello Mr Ito! big fan here. Can you explain what that bubble/pillow is that rests on Pyramid head's back beneath his helmet? thanks!

"It's a secret."

Tweet - 1st April 2012 (Archived)

Question: what's beneath of the pyramid Head's helmet? and what does that gland-like organ behind his head means?

"He is the other James, but I think it shouldn't be clear. > beneath of its helmet."

Tweet - 29th December 2012

Pyramid Head's Connection to Xuchilbara

Question: All i want to say is that Pyramid can resurrect the dead too?

"Pyramid Head has nothing to do with Xuchibara. And Pyramid head doesn't have such a power/ability at all."

Tweet - 14th October 2013

Rebirth Ending Body

Question: is that mary's body in the boat with james in sh2's rebirth ending?


Tweet - 30th April 2012 (Archived)

Save Points

Question: Are the red save squares made of paper or fabric?

"It's a secret."

Tweet - 29th August 2012