Silent Hill 3

Angela's Character Model

Question: In Silent Hill 3 is that the character model of Angela Orosco from Silent Hill 2 on the boutique floor?

"Yes, that dead woman is based on a model of Angela."

Tweet - 28th April 2012 (Archived)

Baby Sound

Question: The baby crying sound in the Making Off documentary is canon? Heather does hear that in the end when she turns her head?

"Yes, Heather heard"

Tweet - 2nd August 2011 (Archived)

Canon Ending

Question: ...and which ending on SH3 do you like more?, or which you think is the official. Thanks.

"it's Normal Ending and my theory as the official is the same."

Tweet - 29th January 2012 (Archived)

Closer's Head

On the top of the Closer's Head is the writing "南無妙法蓮華経" which roughly translates to "like lotus sutra".

"In Silent Hill, the writing on the CLOSER's head says "南無妙法蓮華経”(like Lotus Sutra)."

Tweet - 11th April 2013

Question: Hmm what is the significance of this? I don't know much in regards to the Lotus Sutra. I love the attention to detail though!

"It's a secret."

Question: However... do those scratches on his head have any relevance to it's meaning?


Tweet - 11th - 14th April 2013

Elevator Monster

Question: I've always wondered what that thing is which can be observed in the elevator scene in #SilentHill3

"How do you think about it?"

Question: Hmmmm I'm not 100% I'm guessing it's not Fukuro.. because you've mentioned in the past she has nothing to do with SH.

Question: However it is similar to what the fans have called "The Brookhaven Nurse" in the hospital

"There is a reason which connects SH3 with Fukuro, like a missing link. It's the one of reasons."

Tweet - 13th - 14th May 2013

Fukuro Lady

Question: Who is the Fukuro Lady? Is it Lisa or Alessa? Who is it? Such a wonderful idea. You are very talented!

"Not Lisa or Alessa. She has absolutely nothing to do with the Silent Hill."

Tweet - 4th November 2011 (Archived)

Question: What were you thoughts about the creation of the "Fukuro Lady" in Silent Hill 3? Is she Lisa Garland?

"She is not Lisa."

Question: Ah! So when you were talking about Lisa in SH3 here: were you talking about this image

"It's the thing at "ladder room" in the anotherworld hospital _ when Heather meets while she is going up.."

Tweet - 8th - 9th July 2011 (Archived)

Question: Is the Fukuro Lady a seperate being from the nurse encountered when climbing the ladder in Brookhaven, that's "Lisa" right? Thanks

"Yes, the Fukuro Lady is a seperate being./ I don't say clearly that's "Lisa". > the nurse encountered when climbing..."

Tweet - 3rd October 2012

Girls in Red Skirts

Ito explains that the scene in Silent Hill 3 with the dangling pair of legs with red skirts is a symbolic image to remind Heather that she is from Alessa and Cheryl Mason, and was inspired by the novel "The Box Man". His intentions was to invoke into the player feelings of ill-omen, insecurity and restlessness.

"In summary...( #SilentHill3 ) ___ This symbolic object is to make Heather recall that she is from Alessa and Cheryl. But making whole Alessa and Cheryl is to put a damper on it. So I designed them as two hanging so long red skirts with pair of legs inspired by a novel "The Box Man" written by Kōbō Abe. Why are they with so long red skirt? Because they are "girl", and I wanted to make them shake like movement caused by wind. I just thought it would cause player (and Heather) to image things like ill-omen, insecurity or a feeling restlessness. I'm a Japanese, so I didn't know how overseas think these, but I had no other choice than to believe my sense. :)"

Tweet - 3rd July 2012

The "Laughing" Mouth

"#SilentHill 3 "Another world" is reflected in the Alessa's conscious "Mouth" in that world means her insane shrieking from her heart."

Tweet - 2nd August 2011 (Archived)

Locker Monster

Question: Is this Dr. Kaufmann in the locker?

"No. Why do you think so?"

Tweet - 19th May 2013 (Archived)