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Cage of Cradle Comic

Ito explains some of the plot elements of the downloadable comic "Cage of Cradle".

"In cage of cradle, Lisa is killed by Valtiel. We draw him as the guardian of Alessa."

Tweet - 30th March 2012 (Archived)

Question: she [Lisa] overdosed and the Valtiel killed her?

"Overdose is caused by Kaufman. But he don't kill her. Valtiel is my additon character in those days (SH3)."

Tweet - 30th March 2012 (Archived)

Ito further explains the plot elements of "Cage of Cradle" in regards to Lisa Garland.

"In cage of cradle, Lisa, she lose her mind by overdose and finally is killed by Valtiel. And in that she has a boyfriend."

Tweet - 30th March 2012 (Archived)

Question: You wouldn't consider it canon? Isn't it close to SH1's story?

"No, it's really very close to SH1. But Toyama who wrote the story of SH1 didn't join to make the story of cage of cradle."

Question: so only parts happened? Do you think Toyama would approve? I know he went on to make Siren.

"What I wanna say is, those Silenthill's story (SH1,2,3) are never made by only "one person". The cage of cradle is the story which continues to the opening of SH1. But that story was made by only Owaku and me without SH1's story writer Toyama. And I don't know he read and approved that or not. So I don't wanna say "clearly" that is the canon. Of cause, Owaku and I made that as the canon. (I've joined making of only SH1,2,3 so I don't know SH after SH4, and of course SH0.)"

Tweet - 1st April 2012 (Archived)